Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is in the Box?

What is in the box?

Is it...

a green grasshopper jumping?

a big spider eating?

a little snail slithering?

a fat worm sleeping?

a thin fly playing?

a huge fish swimming?

We don't know.

Let's look.

What is in the box?

What is in the Box?
Is it...

a jumpy grasshopper eating
a sneaky fly destroying
a wiggly worm playing
a black ant scurrying
a colourfly butterfly flapping
a creepy spider swimming
We don't know
Let's look.


What is in the Box

Is it...

a big fish swimming
a scary spider walking
a colourful butterfly flying
a green grasshopper jumping
a thin fly playing
a fat snail eating
We don't now
Let's look.


Monday, June 22, 2009

The Haunted House

In the attic is...

a knife in a person's back
a ghost hanging around the dead body
a knife with blood all over it
a skeleton on the floor with spiders coming out of it
a zombie coming towards me
And the only noise is the wind making ghost noises


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Haunted House

The Haunted House

In the Attic is...

A black tarantula creeping up my leg.
A slithering snake strangling my neck.
A skeleton hanging from the roof.
A dead body inside a guillotine block.
And the only sound is the stairs creaking
like someone was coming up.


The haunted house

The Haunted House

In the attic is.......
A bloody knife stuck through a zombie's head.
An old wrinked witch with warts all over her.
A young man with his head cut off.
A dead man with a head in his stomach.
A skeleton drinking beer and it squirting out of his stomach.
And the only sound is footsteps coming from the stairs.


The Haunted House

The Haunted House

In the attic is ...
a cracked body hanging on the wall
a bowl of red blood running on the floor
a shiny mouse with no tail
a scary mummy with blood all over its body
and the only sound is the scream coming from downstaris...

By: J.L
The Haunted House

In the Attic is...

A poisonous spider stuck the roof

A scary ghost with a giant grin on its face

A unbelievable skeleton lying beside me

A flame of fire blowing but it is still freezing

and the only sound is the deadly ghost began heeling in the air

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pod Three Class have been busy writing and following instructions.

On Monday the class made chocolate chip biscuits so the children could experience following a recipe and to taste the yummy biscuits as well!

Here are some comments about the baking.

Room 20 have written poems about a haunted house. Here are examples of our poems.