Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clock Designs Pod Four

Pod Four have designed and created their own clocks. Here are some of the Room 20 clocks. Which one is your favourite?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Animals of the Tropical Rain Forest.

Picture of a Slow Loris
This is what we found out about animals that live in the Tropical Rain Forest.

I learnt what a Gibbon eats. The Gibbon hoots in the morning. J.I.

I learnt that a slow loris is a nocturnal animal J.W

I learnt that a mouse deer is a quick runner in the forest. K.B

I learnt that a deer can be small and the mouse deer can get away from hungry animals k.g

Creatures of the Extreme

Our Reading Group has been reading about creatures that live in extreme environments. This is what we found...

I found out that Jack Rabbits have large ears to help them keep cool. Miss S
I found out that there is harldly any sun in the rain forest. E.S
I found out that Polar Bears have hollow fur so it can trap air to keep warm. K.Z
I found out the reindeer have a waterproof coat on them so rain dosen't bother them.

I figured out that camel's feet are broad.
And its amazing that jackrabbits have big ears to push out the hot air.
Polar bears have 3 eye lids to keep the bright ice to get out of their eyes
and sloths move really really slow and when they die they can still grab on to trees.

I found out that sea horses can change colour and that their tails look like monkey's tails.