Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 Do you know what I am?

You can hit me with a ball.

2 Do you know what I am?

You can get me on a ball.

3 Do you know what I am?

I am a bright colour.

So do you know what I am?

I am a dot.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What am I?- macro shots

What am I?

Can you work out what I am from the clues provided?

1. I am very useful and you can take me anywhere.

2. I come in all different kinds of colours.
3. You can have it in class time if your teacher says ok.

4. It comes in all sorts of sizes.

5. You put something useful in it

What am I?

What am i?

what am I?

1. It's on all on us.

2. It's long and short.

3. It's all over our head.

4. Theres lots of it.

I am here!

Do you know what I am?


what am I?

1.It starts with M.

2.It lives in the zoo and in the wild.

3.It is firey.

4.It has small feet.
5.It swings around on trees

6.It has a tail

What am I?

I am a monkey! a.b J.W

What am I?

I have

What am I?
1. I am very useful and you can take me anywhere.
2. I come in all different kinds of colours
3. You can have it in class time if your teacher says its ok.
4. It comes in all sorts of sizes
You guessed it, it's a drink bottle.

Howick Historical Village - visit by Roz



I liked it when the girl washed the clothes and when the boys had to get the water. She did lots of whashing and it looked fun. It was cool.I learned that there wasn't a washing machine . J.K

I saw the type of clothes that were old.


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Howick Historical Village Visit- Ros

I liked the way she used her talents. I thought she

showed us a lot of stuff. It was cool . By J.N

I liked it when she was washing the clothes and the boy was getting water. It was cool. By J.M

I liked the way she has talents.

She showed us how to wash clothes. She is funny. It was cool.

The girl is a washing the clothes and the boy is getting the water. D.J.L

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Is Brave?

This is an example of a free- choice narrative. The class voted on the two stories that they would like added to the classroom Blog.

Amy was a poor little girl. When she was 8 years old her parent were in a car crash and they died. After that Amy was very worried. She couldn't find any family like her Grandfather or Grandmother because they were all in England so Amy was by herself in Finland.

After a few months, she found a job of as a dishwasher. Poor Amy got hurt by her ugly big bad mad boss because one time she accidently dropped the bowl and the boss angily shouted, "How STUPID are you! Do you know that bowls cost lots of money, don't you know that!"

When iher parent died she had forgotton she had a sister! She spent three months trying to find her sister. But then she heard that people say her sister was in England with her Grandparents. They all thought that Amy had died the same as her parents.

Amy had nowhere to sleep and she cried. Then she had a headache when she cried. She had to sleep on the footpath beside the rubbish bin.

"YOU SHOULD BE BRAVE AMY!" someone was talking to Amy.
"Who are you?" asked Amy.
"I'm your Dad! I'm sorry that I left you alone."
"DAD!!!I miss you so much Dad! The boss hurt me and I have nowhere to sleep!" cried Amy.
"Amy you're 11 years old now you should be brave, you can stay by yourself."
Then Amy's Dad disappeared ...

"AAAAAAAA!!!Don't leave me Dad!"The hole street can heard the Amy is shouting."hohohoho." Amy breathe hardley.When Amy wake up, she just notice that is a dream but Amy didn'y forgot what her Dad says:"YOU SHOULD BE BRAVE!".

Amy start looking a new job.She found a job of looking after children like kindergarten. Then her boss saw that Amy was really good at singing. Amy loved singing, she always sang to the children. Then the boss decided that Amy might as good as a super star singer!!!

After the boss took Amy to the TV progarm of SING SING SING! Ther manager took a test from Amy and they realiased she did have a beautiful voice!

After three years Amy became a famous Girl in Finland. She still remembers that her Dad said, " YOU SHOULD BE BRAVE!"


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bee fact

Did you know...

That a bee can fly at 25 km per hour

By Z.K

Do You know:

*Bees can walk upside down because they have got tiny claws on their feet.

By K.Z

Fact of Bees

Did you know that...

Frogs sometimes think bees are flies.
They catch bees with their tongues.
The bees sting and the frogs learns
not to catch any more bees.

By: J.L

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Haunted House

In the attic is ...

A dead man's body with a knife in his head.

A hanging skeleton in the closet.

A scary ghost with maggots pouring out from it's head.

A sack full of people's dead heads.

A zombie tiptoeing towards me with a knife in his hand.

and the only sound is the creaking stairs.

by K.G

ent words

These are all the 'ent' words that room 20 year 3/4 came up with today.

bent sent tent went cent scent gentleman lentgentle pentagon dent rent

Monday, July 20, 2009

What to do when two vowels go walking ...

Room 20 looked at what to do when two vowels are next to each other in a word. Can you work out which of the letters is heard?

all song

Today we looked at the 'all' sound in words. We came up with a big list and then we tried to write lots of them in a sentence.

Blends Song - ch sh th wh

Blends Song - sing along with me

In the atticj is...

a dead body with maggots crawling out of his moutth

a ghost that has no head and a knife throw his arm

an old dog eating a rat

a deadly spider hanging from te roof

a branch scraping the window

a dusty skeleton haning in the corner

and the ownly noise i can hear is my gasp.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's in the box?

What is in the box?

Is it...

a small mouse running

a beautiful butterfly flying

a little fly playing

a noisy mosquito eating

a baby warm walking

a scary bee sleeping

We don't know
Let's look.